The Concept

It's simple. We offer great rooms in the best house shares in London close to where you want to be. The room that awaits you is contemporary and fully furnished. The people you'll share with, will be like you, making the most of working and living in London.

Leave the life admin to us, bills are included, a cleaner comes each week to keep the place looking fresh and as you'd expect the WIFI is speedy. No agency fees, no inventory fees and no end of tenancy cleaning costs, Get Nested makes house sharing hassle free.


Tenants FAQ

    Are bills included and are there any other fees to pay?

    All bills, including WIFI and weekly cleaning (communal areas) are included in the rental price and unlike other agencies there are no extra or hidden charges or fees to pay.

    How much is the deposit?

    The deposit is normally 6 weeks, 10% of this is required to secure the room and the balance cleared one working day before your move in date.

    Is my deposit secured?

    All deposits are secure with The Tenancy Deposit Scheme which protects you and us in case of dispute.

    What's the minimum length of tenancy agreement you offer?

    The shortest contract we offer is 6 months. The majority of our tenants sign a 12 month contract with a 6 month break clause incase you decide Get Nested isn't for you or your plans change. Sometimes we offer shorter contracts but we charge a premium.

    Can I break the contract at any point?

    Stuff happens in life and sometimes these things are unavoidable so in exceptional circumstances we will allow this, but this is decided on case by case basis and would incur,whatever the reason, a £200 fee to cover our costs for any rental void that may occur owing to your early departure.

    How and when do I pay rent?

    Rent is payable on a fixed date each month by standing order into our bank account. Late payments incur a fee of £50. 

    What are the rooms like?

    Get Nested rooms are fully furnished and decorated to a high standard. Some include TVs and have ensuites. Take a look at our properties section to see for yourself.

    What about communal spaces?

    All our properties have a large eat-in kitchen with all the amenities you would expect, including cutlery, cookware, dinnerware, glassware and ironing facilities. Some have the addition of a communal lounge and outside space. Each property has a SMART flat screen TV with access to Freeview.

    Is there decent WIFI connection?

    The all important question and one that is close to our hearts. Each property has broadband or fibre depending on the area and availability.

    Who do you rent to?

    The majority or our tenants are professionals in their 20s and 30s and households are a mix of men and women from all over the world reflecting London's cosmopolitan population. It's important to us that households get along, so we do our best in placing likeminded people together.

    Do you rent to couples and do you limit the amount of people in a given household?

    We do rent to couples but we only allow a maximum of 6 people in a five bedroom house for example, so generally only one couple per household. We also ensure that there are adequate facilities based on the number of people living at the property-no one wants to queue for a shower!

    Can I have a friends over?  

    Friends make us happy and happy tenants are what we like. So yes have your friends over to visit but respect your housemates by seeking their approval and sleepovers should only last one night, or two.