The Concept

Put simply we are your ideal tenant. Get Nested take on your property as a sole tenant over a fixed term (typically 3-5 years) in-line with market rental prices. We then rent your property to full time employed working professionals (vetted by us) on a room by room basis giving you financial peace of mind and freeing up your time. We treat the properties we take on like our own, visiting regularly to ensure your property is being kept in good condition.

What's In It For You?
  • Guaranteed rent from your property over a fixed-term in line with or higher than market prices, which means no rental voids.
  • If your property is suitable we can rent it right away.
  • We act as full property managers so you don't have to spend your time liasing with tenants and contractors. We do all of that work for you.
  • Your property will be cleaned weekly ensuring it's kept in great condition.
  • We operate a strict vetting system of tenants and only rent to working professionals.

Get in touch today for a free valuation, you'll be surprised at how much your property's rental value could be worth.

Landlords FAQ
Is my property suitable?

Our ideal property is freehold and has a minimum of four bedrooms.

What areas of London do you operate in?

We started out in Canada Water and have since moved further West to Balham and Clapham, so you could say we have South London covered.

Do you negotiate a lower rent to make your profit?

We offer guaranteed rents in-line with the current market value. We make our profit on the difference between our agreed rent and the room rental price we charge to prospective tenants. Like letting agents our rental valuations are based on size, proximity to transport links and amenities, condition etc.

What agreement does Get Nested enter into with landlords?

We enter into a commercial tenancy agreement. This means that for the term of the agreement we are your sole tenant and have sole authority to manage your property. The corporate tenants we find sign a contract with us. The majority of these agreements are 12 month tenancies with a 6 month break clause. As soon as you have signed with us you start receiving your rent, no waiting around for the rooms to be filled.

What if you can't find tenants? Does this affect me financially?

Whilst this is not a common occurrence in London, once we have signed the contract we become solely liable for finding tenants and keeping the property occupied. Any rental voids are our problem not yours.

If the rental market falls in value during the tenancy do you renegotiate?

No, once we have signed we are fixed to that rental sum regardless of movements in the rental market.

Who pays for maintenance of the property?

As we are your tenant, your obligations as a landlord stay the same. Get Nested will deal with the maintenance issue but we will forward the invoice to you. We work with a number of trusted tradesman and will also use your contact if you prefer.

What if the tenants cause damage to my property?

If this happens as with all tenancies we will deduct from their deposits (which we hold with The Tenancy Deposit Scheme). We always return properties to the landlords in the condition in which they were first rented.

Am I authorised to enter into an agreement with Get Nested by my mortgage company?

We always recommend that our landlords get in touch with their mortgage providers to ensure they are in compliance. However, because Get Nested have no security of tenure this is rarely an issue. Before speaking to your provider talk to us se we can forward on to you further information that might help.

Do you have to have a licence to rent to more than one household?

We abide by council's licensing policies and will apply for an HMO licence on your behalf and cover all the costs of the licence to ensure your property is not falling short of any legal requirements.

Does Get Nested pay my rent directly?

That's correct, we are your sole tenant so we pay you directly.

Are there hidden charges?

There no other charges associated with our service. We cover all the administration fees.

Who pays the utility bills and council tax?

Get Nested pays the bills directly as we rent the rooms out on an al-inclusive basis which means that the tenant pays for the bills within the total rental cost per month. We find this simplifies the process of renting for the tenants and it ensures that all bills are paid on time.

How do you find and vet your tenants?

We have links with a large number of businesses in London with whom we advertise. We also advertise online and tenants will also find us through our website.

Getting the right tenants is a priority for Get Nested. With years of experience in the rental market we understand how important it is to rent to trustworthy and reliable people. We only rent to professionals and this is fully evidenced along with verified references. It's also important to us that households get along so we match people together based on their age, work sector, interests. We find this leads to a more harmonious and better cared for home.

Do you regularly check properties to ensure they are being looked after?

Each property is cleaned weekly which we believe is essential to both the tenants and also the upkeep of the property. The cleaners have a checklist and routinely clean ovens, refrigerators, windows etc to ensure that the property is kept in good condition. Our property manager also visits each property every month to ensure the property is being kept in a good condition and to pick up on any maintenance issues.

Do professionals really want to share houses?

The share rental market in London is booming. Busy young professionals want convenience and boutique style living. Gone are the days of 'The Young Ones' style of student sharing, now it's all about high spec rooms in the most convenient locations.

Do you make modifications to my property?

We pick houses that are best suited to our model, but with your permission we may make some improvements (at our cost) if required. Let's call it cosmetic enhancement.