Abi and Jag, founders of Get Nested, lived for years as most aspiring professionals do, in and out of house shares. Subjected to their fair share of rising damp and dodgy landlords when they acquired their first rental property they knew they wanted to do things a little differently. After all, why should decrepit lodgings be a rite of passage for young professionals trying to make it in the City? Their formula of high spec, hotel style rooms proved a success and within 6 months of dipping their toes into the shared housing market they had acquired three more properties complete with happy professionals enjoying the convenience and luxury of all-inclusive shared living in London.

Roll forward a year and Get Nested was created out of an increasing demand from landlords and tenants eager to reap the benefits of luxury shared living. With properties throughout South London Get Nested is growing its network of forward thinking landlords and tenants who share Get Nested's ethos of hassle free, hotel-styled, all-inclusive shared living which allows tenants to move in and get on with the important things in life and landlords to rest easy knowing their property is in the best hands and the rent just keeps coming.